Vision & Mission

We live in a dynamic world, that is ever-changing swiftly, full of exciting potentialities. During this quick paced world, we've enjoyed tremendous growth however it’s a question of large importance as to however will we see ourselves in the close to future. Red Ribbon Ply charts its future prospects through the medium of a blueprint that is a guiding factor for its forthcoming endeavors.


» To inspire excellence.

» To exude quality and optimism within the minds of our associates.

» To nurture Indian values and maintain our core ability.

» to require on newer challenges and break new grounds.


The vision at Red Ribbon Ply is that the broad spectrum of guidelines and policies that drive our growth. Our winning culture defines the broad framework that must be carried out in order to attain and achieve unchecked growth.

» Leadership      : Be within the reckoning globally as a number one brand in wood business.

» Individuals       : Nurture talent and create the corporate as one of the good employers to figure for.

» Relationship    : Build rapport with associates and patrons.

» Passion             : Create passion a core ingredient of company policies.

» Nature              : To assist the inexperienced cause through best utilization of accessible resource.

Red Ribbon Ply Board is high density grade plywood created under high heat and pressure exploitation un-extended PF organic compound. The Ply features a chequered pattern on its surface that comes from the wire mesh place throughout pressing. As a result of high pressure the panel develops high density that sustains the rigorous of flooring publically use. This not only eliminates the graceful surface of standard plywood however additionally makes it anti-slip plywood. The plywood combines increased mechanical properties with extreme water proof quality besides being proof against corrosive agents.

» Its mark plywood, that ensures the uniform thickness and glorious finish.

» Its 100 boiling waterproof and exceeds the boiling take a look at per BIS.

» Additional thick face veneer makes its surface additional solid.

» Additional layers of core veneer for top density and further strength.

» Its high insulating properties, that helps to correct setting of cement and concrete.

» 100 treated core and ply that makes it safe with the attack of small organisms dimensionally stable.

» Mirror finish for swish shuttering work.

» Scratch resistant surface.